Hamza Halloubi Work

Apparitions à Soco Chico, 2013

Single-channel video installation, 6 min 15 sec, color, sound


This film is an editing of different sequences shot by the artist’s friend during a day in Tangier. These pictures depict daily life in the Soco Chico (a historic neighbourhood in the city which was also filmed by the Lumière brothers). From those insignificant images, the artist created a narrative with excerpts of texts by writers and journalists of the 20th century who wrote about their fascination and atonement for the first films in the history of cinema. The film questions the perception of images nowadays, also in relation to the history of cinema and the multiplication of filmed images. The documentary images of the life in Soco Chico end with the almost phantomic appearance of the actress Tilda Swinton in the film.