Hamza Halloubi Work

With Geo, 2016

Single-channel video installation, color, sound, 3 min


For this video – which questions the relationship between performer and spectator – I asked Geo (Wyeth, American performance artist) to do something simple: to look at/into the camera and sing, all while approaching it. Once arrived close to it, he’d turn the camera around towards me. This is key to the video. Because something unexpected happens. One can see who is behind the camera! The one who films, the one who is watching. This person is in this comfortable position of watching but preferring not to be watched; the one who defines, judges, critiques, … while staying invisible. I wanted to put the author and the spectator in the same state of uncomfort and vulnerability as the performer. The camera plays an important role in this video, it is an element among the others both in the script as in the space. It is a third body in the space.